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At Aurelio, our diverse team of engineers and innovators unite their expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Vector Search, and AI to revolutionise the way we interact with information. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Search, NLP, and Conversational AI to create intuitive, powerful, and efficient solutions for our clients across industries.


Cutting Edge Work

Harnessing groundbreaking AI, we create transformative solutions, turning potential into impact and shaping digital interactions.


Conversational AI

Leveraging Conversational AI, we develop natural language interfaces for chatbots, virtual assistants, and support systems.


Tailored Solutions

Collaborating with clients, we design custom NLP and AI solutions, addressing unique challenges across industries.


Vector Search

Specializing in Vector Search, we build powerful information retrieval systems, helping organizations manage large-scale data.


Here's what people are saying about us.

  • Chris Coulter, Co-founder and CTO

    Chris Coulter, Co-founder and CTO


    James and Aurelio have been part of the team for well over a year. Actively shaping the direction of our products and ensuring our R&D is spent wisely and efficiently. The impact on our team has been enormous, it is a crucial part of our team's success story.

  • Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder and CEO

    Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder and CEO

    @Alai Studios

    Working with Aurelio, under the adept leadership of James, has been a transformative experience for us. They have proven to be invaluable and thoughtful partners in our AI design and build projects. Their particular expertise in addressing complex retrieval challenges stands out, making them a trusted ally in the ever-evolving AI space. I wholeheartedly recommend Aurelio to any organization looking for excellence and dedication in AI solutions.

  • Michael Winnick, CEO

    Michael Winnick, CEO


    James and Aurelio have been excellent partners and great sounding boards as we navigate this exciting new technology and what it means for our products.

  • Christian Carrasquillo, CEO

    Christian Carrasquillo, CEO

    @Fast Medical AI

    As the CEO of Fast Medical AI, I highly recommend Aurelio AI. Under the leadership of James, their team delivered a top-notch AI backend for our models, demonstrating exceptional skills in NLP and Vector Search. Their innovative and efficient solutions are perfectly tailored to meet specialized industry demands. Aurelio AI is an invaluable asset in the AI technology sphere.

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Semantic Router

Semantic Router is a superfast decision-making layer for your LLMs and agents. Rather than waiting for slow, unreliable LLM generations to make tool-use or safety decisions, we use the magic of semantic vector space — routing our requests using semantic meaning.

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